Documents Concerning Israel

A wide selection of PDF documents pertaining to issues of Israel. Most deal with history, politics, Biblical issues, and current events. Most are pro-Israel and a few might be considered anti-Israel just to get wider perspective. They are not necessarily arranged in any particular order although an attempt is made to group like document together. Most are documents gathered over the years from various websites, some are composites of information on some subject of particular interest. They are all presented in the interest of truth seeking.

1925WakfTempleMountGuide Elizabeth II Hechler FullMuslum_Open_letter_10-10-2007 AShortHistoryOfPalestine2002.pdf OralLaw1.pdf Israel101.pdf eng_zohar.pdf God's_Temple_In_Prophecy_L_Nef.pdf JewishMysticism_Abelson.pdf Allah Is a Zionist.pdf